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Walnut processing

At our enterprise, walnut processing is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the sanitary-epidemiological service, fire inspection, labor protection service, environmental service, as well as all other related inspections and regulatory authorities.

For processing walnuts according to European standards, we have:

– Established partnerships with trusted farms from which we purchase walnuts, which allows us to predict the yield of walnuts in the current year, as a result of its price;

– The state laboratory, which strictly controls all stages of walnut processing, from purchased raw materials to packaging sorted walnut kernels. It prevents the ingestion of the finished product: wet, insufficiently formed (wrinkled), with mold, extraneous taste or smell, damaged by insects of the kernel, as well as the possible ingress of shells or other foreign objects;

– The walnut processing line produces about 220 kg / hr, and due to the possibility of adjusting the compression ratio of the stabbing plates, the walnut splits optimally, and this is the maximum yield of halves. Sorting by color is done only manually, on special lines, then in the drying chambers we bring the walnut kernel to the optimum humidity – not more than 5%;

– Territory and warehouses for the proper storage of walnuts, they are best stored in shells and processed immediately before shipment to the customer. And if the finished kernel has to be stored, then not for long, in a dark and cold room, reserved only for storing walnuts, without external odors with which the kernel can be consumed, without any remaining shells and with established climate control;

– And the most important thing is the scrupulous approach of the whole team in the processing and storage of walnuts;

Walnut processing consists of the following steps:

  • Kernel calibration. At this stage, walnut kernels are sorted into halves (1/2), quarters (1/4) and eighths (1/8), while the nut is peeled and membranous;
  • Sort by color. On special lines, manual sorting is performed, in which the nut is sorted by color (extra, light, light amber and amber);
  • Drying. The peeled nut is dried in special drying chambers.
  • Product packaging. Peeled walnuts are packed in cardboard boxes of 10 kg or in vacuum bags

For questions regarding the purchase of processed walnuts, please contact our managers. They will take into account all your wishes, agree on the terms and conditions of delivery.